Thursday, November 17, 2005

My hobby

I'm going to talk a bout my hoppy, My hobby is playing fencing. I practised fencing in my country before I coming to Australia. I'm a champion in my country of this game. There are three kinds of

swords, It depends on the target; in " epee'" all the bady. The second one we call the" florat" the targets are hands, chest and the back.The third one is "saber" the targets are the head,hands and chest.

We wear white clothes in this game. The first time I pleyed fencing was when I was in the first year of the university. I travelled to many countries to trains like Egypt,France,Germany, Italia...etc.

Many times I won when I played fencing in a championship. I have a lot of gold medals. The first time I played fencing it was difficult for me but after a month it become easy.

I hope to play fencing in Australia, and I'll search in the internet where I can practise fencing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My answer of the interview with a university student.

1- What is he studying?
He studing building construction management.

2- what year is he doing?
In final year 4 th year.

3-what subjects has done?
A little bit of everything,Architecture, Engineering every thing to do with construction industry.

4-what subjects has he enjoyed?
Many subjects architectur subject and construction engineer subject.

5- Is the course a practical course?
A bit of a mix.

6- Has he done any subjects from other degrees?
Law subjects.

7- Has he got any plans to continue studying?
He dosn't sure.

8-What are his plans for when he finishes?
He will go to beach if there is good weather or go over seas.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I’d like to introduce my country: JORDAN

I'll cover four main areas:
ØFirst: Location, climate and Currency.
ØSecondly: language and museums.
ØThirdly: Famous places to visit.
ØFinally: special event.


Jordan Located in south – west Asia


There are four seasons in Jordan ( Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).
From June to September are the hottest months of the year where temperature rises to about 32° C. -The climate tends to be dry during Summer.
Winter and spring are cooler, and during these seasons most of the country’s rainfall occurs.
- The period between December and February is coolest. Snowfall often occurs and temperatures stay around 15° C. during the day.

The currency of Jordan is Jordanian Dinar (JD) .
Coins and paper denominations are both used in Jordan.


Arabic the official language and is spoken by all Jordanian people , English is widely spoken particularly at government and business levels. And the French and German are spoken to some extent.


There are many museums in Jordan.
The important ones include:
1- The Jordan Museum of popular Traditions.
2-The Amman folklore Museum.
3-The Jordan National Gallery.
4- The Military Museum.

Famous places to visit
-It is a Nabatean (Arab- Bedouins) city. Petra including temples, baths, private houses, high palaces and theatres. You can ride horses and camels for the unforgettable trip into Rose-red city. You reach this marvel through the “Siq”, Siq is a winding 1 km long crack between overhanging cliffs that seem to meet more than 300 feet over head.

Dead sea

Dead sea is 76 kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide, it is the lowest point on earth, which at 400 meters under the sea level. There is no life in the Dead sea. and the water is so salty that it’s almost impossible to sink.
You can float in the Dead sea without even trying, so you can read in the water but not to swim.


Jerash it is Roman city. It is in north of Jordan, and it is including temples, amphitheatres and plazas.

special event.
Jerash Festival.

Is an international festival and all the theatres, temples, plazas and forums opens for artists and onlookers.
Artists, actors, dancers, singers, poets, and dreamers come to this festival from all over the world.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This is my new blog. I'm studying English at TAFE.